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New edge datacentre platform for Germany and surrounding countries

London – 12 December 2023: Arcus Infrastructure Partners (“Arcus”) today announced the launch of
Portus Data Centers and its acquisition of IPHH Internet Port Hamburg (“IPHH”), a leading regional
datacentre operator and internet service provider.

Portus’s edge datacentre platform now comprises four high quality facilities in the key regional
datacentre locations of Hamburg, Munich and Luxembourg. The acquisition of IPHH by Arcus
European Infrastructure Fund 3 SCSp (“AEIF3”) follows its acquisition of a newly developed datacentre
in Munich from SpaceNet AG, a local IT services provider, and the acquisition of Luxembourg based
datacentre company, European Data Hub (“EDH”) earlier this year.

“I am very excited by the launch and growth potential of Portus Data Centers in Germany and
surrounding countries,” said Adriaan Oosthoek, Chairman of Portus Data Centers “Our current edge
platform, offering immediate capacity through high quality facilities in Luxembourg, Munich and
Hamburg, provides us with an excellent launchpad. In all our locations we plan to add further capacity
to meet growing customer demand. We are also seeking to expand our footprint with further locations
in the coming months.”

“IPHH is an excellent investment opportunity for AEIF3 and a great fit for Portus against the backdrop
of a growing regional German datacentre market,” said John Shea, Partner at Arcus. “With its market
leading connectivity, strong management, highly skilled team, and growing customer base it fits
perfectly within Portus’ buy-and-build regional datacentre aggregation strategy. We are greatly looking
forward to working with the IPHH team to support its next phase of growth as part of the Portus Data
Centers family.”

Sascha Pollok, CEO of IPHH, who recently celebrated 25 years with the company, commented: “The
IPHH team has been very impressed with Portus’ collaborative highly professional approach and its
long-term strategy and vision for the future. We are very excited to join Portus and look forward to
working with its senior management and Arcus to grow our business in the coming years and continue
to provide our existing and new customers with a market leading service.”

IPHH operates two datacentres in the east of Hamburg, currently offering 2.4MW of sellable IT power
capacity. Its facilities are perfectly positioned on the North-South and East-West crossroads for
connectivity. It has an attractive, growing and highly connected customer base, including telecom
carriers, global technology and social media companies and content distribution networks. With its
hyper connected customer base it is the best connected datacentre in the North of Germany. IPHH
also has ongoing development projects that will significantly increase its size and sellable capacity.
Aligning with Arcus’ commitment to ensuring that its investments have a positive ESG impact, energy
consumed by IPHH’s datacentres is certified as being 100% renewably sourced, and the facilities are
very efficient, with a power usage effectiveness ratio of c. 1.3x. Going forward, Arcus will seek to even
further strengthen IPHH’s ESG policies and practices.

Hamburg is the fourth biggest market for datacentres in Germany and is a connectivity gateway for the
North of Germany. Demand for regional datacentre capacity is expected to continue to increase in the
coming years, driven by IT outsourcing from enterprise customers, demand from local managed
services providers and IT companies, as well as from global technology companies and content
distribution networks.

Arcus was advised by Noerr (Legal), Arup (Technical), BDO (Financial and Tax) and Aon (Insurance).