Portus Edge Data Centers are designed to support applications and services by reducing latency and costs. This means a greatly enhanced experience as data is processed close to the point of need.

Locating at the edge is essential for customers who want to keep pace with the increased demand for more data at higher speeds due to the rise of 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IOT), and other streaming entertainment services.

Distributing traffic between our edge data centers provides added security whilst ensuring no individual colocation data center exceeds its maximum capacity. The result is improved reliability. Our edge data solutions also reduce the need for upgrades to power supply or cooling.


Portus Colocation Data Centers offer optimum performance and security for our colocation partners. Our sites are Tier 3 standard with full onsite support, 24-hours a day. Our edge colocation data centers are connectivity hubs with a choice of service providers. Bespoke configuration and flexibility mean we can offer you exactly the right tailored capacity specification in terms of halls, rooms, cages, or racks, with the option to easily expand as your needs grow.

Cloud Connect

Portus Data Centers offers clients flexible cloud connect services. Delivering direct, private connections to Cloud Service Providers including AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Hybrid Cloud implementations.


Portus Data Centers offer the option of uncontended bandwidth via dual-redundant routes for world class service offerings to the end user. It allows you to offer your clients a full range of services including voice and data in a stable, high quality environment.

“Portus Data Centers are secure and reliable. Both in terms of physical security and technical availability, the data centers are state-of-the-art. In addition to the technical aspects, we were also convinced by the on-site management, technical support, flexibility and customer focus”